We all know that retail therapy often makes us feel good, but afterwards feel lousy for the time, energy and money we spent on that thing we have already have but just needed another one of! I accept I am not perfect and it has taken much time to iron out my consumption cravings, but here are my top 10 tips from amazing friends and family who has entered the world of less is more. Happy reading and until next time “you can’t stop the change, any more than you can stop the sun from setting”.

Tip One – You can clear your mind

Research shows people living in a world of ciaos and stuff are more overwhelmed, stressed and limit their brains ability to process information.  Less mental work equals a calmer life.

Tip Two You’ll find stuff you never knew you had!

Cleaning up often results in finding stuff you never knew you had and stuff you have bought over and over (paintbrushes, batteries anyone?).  Maybe you have a practical use for the item, or you could on-sell the item and keep the cash for something else you could really use.

Tip Three – You will save time and money

How often can we not find something we need,  go out and buy it tocome back and find it again (ugh multiple Bunnings trips).  The organising of stuff will reduce the time and money you spend chasing the same items over and over again.  According to research we spend a year of our lives looking for stuff!

Tip Four – You’ll probably lose weight!

Yes it’s true. Stressed people have higher levels of cortisol in their bodies and generally feel more tired. More energy, less time cleaning and tiding equals more time to make a healthy meal, get some exercise and be Maccalmer you.

 Tip Five – You can connect more to your friends.

Decluttering with your friends is a lot of fun and they have a stricter view of your stuff that you do!  Research also shows that people invite people more often to their homes when their homes are spaces they want to spend time in.  Best of all they can help you celebrate the new you as you embark on your declutter journey.

 Tip Six – You’ll enjoy being at home more.

A clean, organised home is one we all want to hang in.  Less money spent on going out, eating out and less pressure as we are comfortable in our homes and the skin we are in. Yay to my bestie who now loves her bedroom and spending time reading there!

Tip Seven – You can reduce housework.

An organised home usually results in 20-40% less cleaning on the average week.  Imagine what you could do with that time – read a book, spend time with a friend, watch a movie.  Maybe even have a nap on the couch! Snnnnoooooorrreeee.

 Tip Eight – You can save money on food.

Having an organised pantry or fridge means you don’t have to buy or stockpile food to watch it go off.  Reducing consumption equals less waste, less packaging, less time shopping and less impact to the environment. Annual your food shopping…..is it $15600 ($300 per week) or $13000 ($250 per week) and a trip to Bali?

Tip NIne – You’ll find money!

Literally!  You will probably find an unexpired gift voucher or two, a money box or cold hard cash laying around.  It also leads to finding valuable items no longer giving you joy that could be sold. Win win win.

Tip Ten – You can spend less time at work or get your dream job!

We buy stuff with hours of our lives.  Beyond the basics of life every item is bought with the time we spend at work.  Not buying or consuming stuff leads to less hours at work, maybe retraining for your dream job (like me!), paying less tax and best of all less stress.

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