Chook BE good – four meals from one happy hen

The definition of “waste not, want not” has to be one of my favourite expressions. My darling grandfather (aptly named Bunny) inspired me as a child taking me to local butchers to pick up end of day specials. He did not spend on himself and his ability to make a dollar stretch is the stuff of legend at family dinners, but this was a man who died with no debt, ate well and took joy in the simple pleasures like spending time with family.

Keeping that spirit, and having read Matthew Evans “On Eating Meat” I decided last week to challenge our family to eat our free range chook ensuring there was no waste and that we got the best value out of our $15. Matthew Evan’s book educated me to realise that whether we are meat eaters or vegans (or somewhere between) that we will all by eating food impact the planet. How well we treat the earth, our soil and animals is going to secure our future on this tiny planet and being honest about this only but helps in that journey.

So back to Chook be Good. Pop would be proud. We got a first night was Bali Bambu Curry with with beans and tapioca, second chicken and egg fried rice, third night was chicken stock which became pumpkin/sweet potato soup and I snuck in a quick chicken cheese toastie. Finally, the frame was blended up into a moosh and added to rice and vegetables for our big doggo Jessie. No four different meals into the shopping trolley, no packaging, fresh yum food at home and all pretty quick to do. The lads were in a food coma. This is our new challenge for the year…..less in trolley/basket means more bucks for having fun!

If you have stories on how to stretch your food budget email me at or comment below. Until next time “I’m just a simple woman trying to make my way in the universe”.

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