Decrapify Tip #1 – recycle your vegGies

Here at Decrapify Me we are gardeners! As a keen gardener it has been a challenge of late to get winter seedlings from my local hardware for vegetables that my family loves to eat. Seeds too have been in short supply. After a little research I found you can ‘resprout’ your veggies from waste that would normally be chucked in the bin. Using a little ingenuity, five minutes of time and stuff I had around the house, I have avoided hardware lines, unnecessary cost and am doing the planet a favour by reducing waste. You can do it too and best of all the kids can get in and do it with with you. So here goes.

Today we are recycling celery and spring onions.

Step 1 – get your tools ready

You have all this at home 🏠

Step 2 – chop it good

Chop the celery and spring onions you purchased an inch or two from the base (see title photo). Place the spring onions in a small recycled glass jar, the celery base in an old bake dish. Cover both their roots with water, but don’t drown them or they will rot.

Step 3 – Let nature take its course

Place your bake dish and glass bottle in a sunny spot and let nature take its course. Don’t let it dry out. Within hours I noticed growth on the spring onions and within a week growth on the celery.

Step 4 – plant them out

When there is enough growth, plant them out in the garden. It’s that simple. Celery and spring onions can take up to six months to grow so be patient. But go you for trying something new, reducing your waste, and saving a few bucks too.

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