Food is Thy Medicine

We have often heard that food is thy medicine, but add two full time jobs, children, after school sports and all I can hear is myself saying yes that is one large family value pack from Macca’s! I should state that I have always loved cooking. From my childhood days of using the mortar and pestle to crush up nanna’s garlic and ginger to spending the odd Saturday afternoon cooking Moroccan for friends coming over, I have always had a connection to food. Nevertheless losing that connection for being too busy made me feel like I was losing me, my health and worse not really providing for my children the way I was provided for.

Upon chucking the soulless job , reducing to a p/t less stress position, I made a conscious effort to clean up my act and my pantry. It made me realise that by being a little organised my little family could eat better, we could save money on take out and food could return to be a centrepiece of our family day. A space where we could chat to each other, watch tv “what are we going to watch” scrolling through Netflix or just be silent enjoying the taste of the real food. It’s my favourite time of the day. To do this everything in my pantry needed a place, an order and me to know exactly how much I have without endless runs to the supermarket. Actually, I have stopped shopping at supermarkets. I now shop fortnightly and head to my local grocer, fruit and vegetable shop or eco warehouse for cleaning/hygiene refills. Each six months I call my local farmer for ethical, grassfed, organic meat that I freeze myself. No packaging, less time and less cost.

I discovered that scrambled eggs on toast takes less time to make than to drive to Subway, foods freeze great for later reheating, and that bottling, picking and freezing home grown produce (yes I have time for this) means that there is an easy meal less than 10 minutes away. Disorganisation has opened up a world of Dinner Twist, Hello Fresh and prepacked foods that are a billion dollar industry. All services trying to feed you, but that don’t leave anyone feeling nourished.

Decrapify me is all about giving us mums and dads the power back. Let’s get organised together and see how we can reconnect with our food, our homes and our lives. Decrapify me offer consultation support to get your pantry and food mojo back – one off organising, sorting and empowerment sessions aimed to get you eating healthier and feeling more whole. I recently saw the quote “we buy stuff with hours of our lives”. Imagine if that by reconnecting to your food you saved a few dollars towards that holiday you deserve, could maybe work a few less hours and spend more time with family and friends or just feel a little less stressed at the end of your day. Check out the web, but until next time, your focus determines your reality.

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